Sunday, September 28, 2008


On a blog I read recently a woman listed the things that made her quirky. At least the things she viewed as quirky. I didn't have the same reaction to her list. The things she put on there made me think that she is kinda bitchy and rude. (usually I like that in a person)

Anyways, I decided to make my own list of quirky behaviors. Now people can judge me too. :-)

1. My shoes don't match. They coordinate and came as a pair, but they are different colors. I bought them that way, but didn't even notice that they don't match for about a week. In the past I have worn two different shoes that came as different pairs. Mostly be cause I didn't see their mates and I just don't care that much.

2. I often wear balloons as shoe laces. I hate to tie shoes and they are handy.

3. I play a game where I ask people seemingly random questions. The two guys I am playing with right now (they don't know they are playing) are officer Cutie and baby face Michael. This week's question is "What is the strangest color of socks you've ever worn?" Stephanie is playing with me, she came up with that great question.

4. I'm a balloon artist who despises wearing balloon hats. They make my head sweat.

5. I covet light up shoes and hope to find a pair in my size one day.

6. I LOVE really bad vampire shows. True Blood is fantastic in all it's badness.

7. I get 'drunk' off nighttime. It's like some sort of drug that makes me giggly and silly. I also usually come up with my best ideas during this time.

8. I believe that it is absolutely WRONG to scan for radio stations by going down the dial. You can by going up and only up. No sane reason I think this, but it makes my eyes bug out when someone does it the WRONG WAY.

9. I eat hot sauce on practically everything. Having cheese marinated in hot sauce as part of lunch today.

10. I don't care who knows my age. This one shouldn't be quirky or odd in this day and age, but it still is. I meet women every day who don't like to admit how old they are. Why? You are what age you are and you can't change that aspect of your life. I am 41. That's 4 decades and a year. This December I will be 42. Buy me a present. I like presents. Cake is good too.

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