Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Week

It's been over a week since I updated, and I could claim to be busy. I was sorta busy, but really I was just tired. I took 2 days off from the shop and that was a good thing, I needed it. Dan needs to take a couple of days off too since the Plaza Art Fair is coming up. He needs it, but I doubt he will take it.

I did craft. Mostly I knitted. I made scarves. Scarves shaped like snakes. I started a dragon, but he looked like an anaconda, so that was snake #1. The second snake I made on purpose. It is a green and pink garter snake. (garter stitch - get it??) and the 3rd snake is a coral snake. I saw one done very badly on etsy, so I decided to give it a try and do a better job. I think I did. Of course the person who made the snake I saw will probably hate mine and be happy they did a better job.

I also tried to find a domain name for my crafts. The crafts part is called "Whatever!" but all decent domains with whatever in the title were taken. Then I went for,,, and they were all taken too. Then I took the word of the day from from 1999 schedule and most of those good ones were taken too. I tried my name spelled backwards (yecats) it was taken too. Finally I settled on I like it. The crafts are Whatever by Ennasus. The dresses will be (something) by Ennasus. What is Ennasus? It's my oldest daughter's name spelled backwards. The website will be up by Friday. Check it out then.

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