Thursday, September 25, 2008

serious reflections and such

So many people use their blog to share deep thoughts. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's just pompous crap. Most days I can't manage a thought deeper than "well...duh!" Which is what I thought when Clay Aiken came out. Jeeze, did anyone NOT know? His fans are shocked??? Please.

1. Does he really have all that many fans?
2. If they are so stupid that they didn't know he was gay, then how do they dress themselves?

Ok, bitchiness I can do, just not deep philosophy.

so if I'm not going to share meaningful thoughts, why blog? 'Cause i want to. Don't need a reason other than that. I like typing out my thoughts and it amuses me. When I cease to be amused, I will cease to blog.

I will share a new philosophy Stephanie and I came up with the other day. Be the stick. The stick is everything and everything can be the stick.

what is the stick? It's a stick stuck in an empty box. Why? Because my daughter had a class assignment that required something artsy and odd. (she did an army man buried in glitter) The teacher didn't say artsy he said visceral. I don't even know what class it was for. Stephanie and I decided that the stick was plenty artsy. Hell, even we don't understand what it means - isn't that the hallmark of art - nobody gets it? Now the stick has morphed from art to philosophy. The stick is being, when you understand the stick, you will understand life.

Now go forth and be the best stick you can be. Or if you're really ambitious, be the once empty box that now contains the stick.

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