Sunday, September 28, 2008

If the economy sucks so much

why are people still paying $$ to watch the Chiefs play? Why not spend that $$ on fun things like mortgages, utilities and oh, I don't know - clothes and food.

Yeah, things are tough all over, but get real. If you are about to be foreclosed on, don't see a football game. Find something free or at least cheap to occupy your time. Spend time with your kids. If more parents spent time with their kids, a lot fewer kids would spend time with drugs. It's not just football, it's all the $$ wasters we have come to believe are important in this society.

I'm tired of hearing about how everything is going to hell and we have to bail out big business to save the country. I'm tired of hearing everyone say that "time are tough, don't know how we're going to get by". mostly I'm tired of trying to drive down I-70 when the stupid team is getting ready to lose again. Stay home, save money and let me get to my destination in a timely fashion.

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