Sunday, September 21, 2008

The local Cult

IHOP - not the place with the tasty pancakes, but the cult that is centered in Grandview. Generally, I don't care if people join cults - not my place to stop them. I do care that Ihopians spend a lot time making sure that everyone knows how special their religion is.

Why do I call them a cult and not a church? Follow the $$. How does something that has existed for such a short time have so much wealth. I can think of lots of churches that have a hard time paying the bills, but this one (only 7 or 8 years old) can afford lots and lots of property including an entire strip mall.

Also, they use classic brainwashing. hours and hours of prayer while fasting. It's all 'up to the individual' of course, but is it really? Is it an environment where it's okay to say no when everyone else is doing it? Somehow I doubt it.

Want to join a cult? Fine, just don't keep trying to recuit me.

On an interesting note, Ihopians DO NOT like the following questions

1. Can I take your picture? I've never met a real cult member before.
2. What did you do before you gave your brain to IHOP?
3. Do they serve pancakes at services.

It's true - ask them. I did, the results were funny.

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