Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't believe everything you hear/read/see on tv

Westport is NOT dying as fast as rumor would have you believe.

A new art gallery/frame shop is opening up in the horseshoe. A new clothing store called Evolve is going to open soon and today I just fount out that Boomerang is moving to the area.

I can't speak to the night time economy, but in the day time there has been a real increase in business to to retail stores.

Lots of times I feel like the city is trying to do this district in. Why? i don't know, just seems like it. Even if that's true, it looks like they are failing and Westport is going to survive after all.

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MoxieMamaKC said...

AMEN!!!!! I get so disgusted by all the Westport-is-Dying idiots. Westport is 20 something years older than KC. It wasn't even a part of KC until it was annexed in the late 1890's (and this is AFTER KC tried to be annexed by Westport twice.) Ridiculous that Westport is dying. It's the one place in the city that always survives, regardless of any other urban blight. Well said, Stacy!