Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's been one of those days

Usually people mean one of those bad days when they say that. I mean one of those fantastic days that leaves a smile on your face.

Sunny, happy and fun. What more could you ask for. Actually today's good day started yesterday.

My daughter got her work study taken care of. Now she can afford tuition next fall and just has to earn $$ for her rent and food.

Gabby told me about Boomerang AND that Waldo's has a wheat free pizza And that her friend knows of a beer that's good and ok for me to drink.

I remembered that Jimmy Johns will put their sandwiches in lettuce instead of bread.

I generally feel good.

I lost 5lbs since I stopped eating wheat.

Got the contract for Chalk & Walk today. It's one of my favorite events to work. They still need artists if anyone knows anyone who wants to sign up - MAY EVANS for example. It's free and they give you the chalk.

Sold a lot of buttons. I swear some days I think I could just open up a place that sold nothing but buttons. Call it's Betty's Button Bonanza and giggle when people trip over the name.

Croman decided to behave himself.

got Sims 3 and it's amazing. Probably too amazing. I have to set limits or I will lose track of my actual world.

Susi managed to make enough with balloons to pay for her rent. I've told her about 1000 times that she should just do balloons if she need a job. Today she believes me.

Teddy cat gave me snuggles last night. So did Fergie. So did puppy. so did that kitten. So did Paul. I'm glad it was a cool night and that they took turns because I would have been overheated.

So that's why I am happy. Well, some of the reasons anyway. I hope that everyone who reads this has a huge list of reasons why they are happy too.


May said...

Okay, okay.... geez. I emailed them already. I'll let you know what happens :)

Stacey K said...


Sylvia C. said...

It was great reading why your day was so happy! I'm happy to hear it!