Monday, June 1, 2009


Fergie - She's doing well. We gave her a bath yesterday. She's needed one for awhile, but it took several people to do it. She's strong and DOES NOT LIKE baths. We did it outside and had to corner her on the porch before we could get it done. As much work as it was I'm going to do it again soon. Maybe if we do it on a regular basis she will finally just accept that it is going to happen. She's also gained about 15lbs which looks good on her. I'm guessing that she'll gain 5-10 more pounds before she reaches her full weight. She's a big dog overall. She stood up an put her paws on my shoulder yesterday and I think she's between 6' and 6'2" when she stands up like that. Her jowls started getting droopier too. I never thought about it before, but I guess that's a part of aging with danes. Her muzzle looked more like a labs than a great dane's, but there has been a noticeable change in the past month or so.

Stupid bags - Ok, not so stupid. I am grateful for the donation and am using them, but man that was a lot of bags. I'm working on getting them rolled up into workable amounts. Each box can be cut down to about 1/10 the size this way. That will take up a lot less room.

Wheat - based on the way I feel after just a few days without wheat - yeah that was the problem. It sucks big time, but it also doesn't suck. I'm still going to eat the occasional waffles, but not so often. I made a list of foods I will miss and most of them are bad for me anyway - so not being able to eat them will be a good thing in the long run. I think I've been dealing with this for a lot longer than I imagined. For nearly 3 years I've had chronic sinusitis. After a couple of wheat free days it's markedly improved. Not gone yet, but much better than it has been in ages. Some of the odd skin irritations have started to diminish as well.

Grocery shopping yesterday was a new experience. Dan and Teddy thought it would be funny to tease me about all the things I can no longer eat. I am a huge fan of frosted mini-wheats. Obviously those are off limits now along with lots of other things. My family thought they were being funny until I pointed out that I do all the grocery shopping and if they didn't knock it off I might only buy things that I can eat. Dan & Teddy decided that they would prefer to not annoy the person who buys their food. It was a wise choice.

The shop - Next Sunday Peter Eddings will be playing sax in front of the shop. Time is still up in the air, but I think it will be around 1. Peter is a fantastic young jazz musician. Stop by and hear him play if you have time.


Spyder said...

Sounds like you have the wheat allergy under control. Wow Fergie is still growing & changing at her age. I've given Xander a bath. I did it naked, inside! LOL!

Beautiful Mess said...

Holy big dog! Post pictures, I wanna see! Please? Glad you're feeling a little bit better. Wise choice of the boys to stop buggin ya.