Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cats in the Cradle

Today a friend told me that his wife was annoyed because she was stuck with the kids for the day while he made up some hours at work. My initial reaction was kinda harsh. I couldn't help but think WTF???? Stuck with them? Why have them if you resent spending time with them.

In this case I was probably being over harsh. I don't know if she really feels that way or if he was just venting. Either way, I don't get to judge her based on something he said.

Everyone else that's crossed my path this week. Them I get to judge.

I think if it's at all possible a parent needs to be home with the kids when they are little. Doesn't have to be mom. Actually doesn't have to be a parent, but at the very least a family member. Problem is lots of people don't make enough to afford to do this. I wish that were different.

Now to the ones that annoy the crap out of me. Women who can stay home and then don't bother to interact with their children. Off to daycare so mommy can have some alone time. Yeah I know it's hectic to be around small children all day. I've got kids and 3 of them were small at the same time. Mommy needs time off yes, but not 3 or more hours every day. I know one woman who hired a nanny even though she was a stay at home mom. Spent most of her time working on her golf game at the club. She's starting to pay the price for that now. Her kids aren't little anymore and don't have time for her. Whole Cats in the Cradle thing. Sometimes I worry that we're raising a generation of kids who fit that mold.

You get back what you give. actually with kids you get way more than you give, especially if you give them love and attention.


MiMi said...

Yep, yep and yep. You're right. Very smart Stacey. :)

Beautiful Mess said...

I totally agree with you on this one! I've spent MANY hours with my kids. They went to daycare only because I worked there. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gone. I spent so much time with them that Zilla, my 6 year old, was my little buddy when Nae (my 12 year old) was in school. If I went to lunch with friends, he'd come with me. Anywhere I went, he was with me. I am rarely without a child of mine and I wouldn't have it ANY other way!