Wednesday, July 8, 2009

People - my friend Donna

Donna is my best friend. We don't live anywhere close to each other, but modern communication makes it easy to stay close.

I've known her since the fall of 1985. We lived in the same dorm at the University of Arkansas. We lost touch for awhile but she tracked me down in 1993 and we've be in constant contact ever since.

Donna is legally blind. She can see, just not all that well. It's rarely stopped her and I admire that. I've told her 1000 times to get on SSI. Especially when $$ was tight for her and John, but she never does. Instead she went to college and got a degree in teaching. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she finds a job soon. She deserves one and the kids deserve to have her as a teacher.

Knowing her has changed my life in little and not so little ways. It's nice to know that there is someone I can tell anything and everything too. She knows the good and she knows the bad and for some reason still loves me. I love her too.

She's one of 3 people I know who I would call a 'real' Christian. I know a lot of people who give lip service to being Christian, but don't seem to follow those beliefs very well. Although there's a lot to her religion that I don't get, she lives it instead of just preaching it.

This isn't written to give you a real picture of my friend. I don't think I can do that in a blog. This post is just to say that I'm lucky to have this really cool person in my life. I hope you have someone equally as cool in yours.


MiMi said...

That's a very sweet post! Sounds like you have an awesome friend.
Now -- are you the monkey or the banana?

Stacey K said...

I am totally the monkey. LOL