Monday, July 13, 2009

It's as bad as you think and they are all out to get you

At least according to my husband and son yesterday.

Tommy wanted to be home NOW, not later. He was a whiney pain in the ass about it. I didn't tell him to come with us and I wasn't cutting my errands short because he felt like ending his excursion. Dan just wanted to be out of the car.

Coming back from Martin City we noticed them putting up Road Closed signs. Only they were putting them in the grass, not on the road itself. They are getting ready to do some work on hwy 150 and we figured this was part of the preparation. Later we noticed another road closed sign, again in the grass on the side of the road, kinda sideways even, like it had been set there for future use. There was an LED sign too, but it wasn't turned on yet. Just blank, waiting for them to get ready to rip the road up and complcate my driving experience.

A min later we joined the line of people discovering that the road was indeed closed. The signs were in the street when you got actually up to the construciton with little place to turn around.

So we go back and turn down Botts road. Head up to 139th street and hook up with the access road from there. Excpet 39th street was closed too. This time the signs were crossing the road making sure you didn't go down there. Tommy and Dan took it kinda personal. Me, I just started laughing. Their reactions were a bit over the top and it was just a comedy of errors. A couple of wrong turns later and we were finally on hwy 71. Then it's just a skip and a jump to home.

two things.
1. my family needs to lighten up a bit.
2. MODOT needs to learn how to actually block a road off if they are closing it.


MiMi said...

I'm not sure ANY DOT from any state can figure that crap out. Our state animal during the summer is the sawhorse thingy with the flashing construction lights. : )

Stacey K said...

LOL Funny

I think KC is on the migration route for your state animal. I see a lot of them that winter over here.