Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dan doesn't need that job

My husband took a cut in pay to become a teacher. he loves teaching but if kcmsd has it's way he will be forced to reconsider and find other employment. What are they doing to run him off?

1. cutting planning periods nearly in half. 40 min a day that he gets to spend making lesson plans and grading papers will be gone. It takes a lot of work to get that done and it's not fair to add 40 min a day in time he has to spend outside the work day to get it done. If he stays he will be forced to give out less work and the children's education will suffer. If he gives out the same amount of graded work his own family life will suffer. Great choice to have to make.

2. more stupid meetings. School districts love to have meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. They are now instituting unlimited professional development meetings. And they haven't said they will pay any $$ for them. It's forced overtime. Would you work at your job for free whenever they wanted? I don't think so.

My husband got a near perfect score on his praxis. I think he missed 2 questions. That put him in the top 1% of people taking the test. He knows his stuff and loves his job. Rather than deal with the ACTUAL problems the district is attacking teachers like Dan and making them seek other employment. It's worth the $2k penalty for breaking the contract. He took a $10k cut in pay when he took the damn job anyway. He can just go back to being a full time balloon artist and have lots of time with his family. The district loses and mostly his students will lose.

Thanks to Tony for making sure this stays in the news.

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