Friday, August 1, 2008

some days I'm not PC

I need to learn more Spanish. I speak "balloon artist" Spanish. Basically I can name most of the animals and a few other shapes like sword. I also know a lot of colors. My accent is horrible, but thankfully the kids and parents are usually patient and kind. I took a class last fall, hoping to become a bit more proficient, but no luck. The best teachers I have ever had are the kids who get balloons from me. I usually ask them to tell me how to say something new while I am working. So far it's worked, but now I need more.

This is where the not very PC part comes in. Mexicans know how to party. yeah, other races party don't have to be from south of the border to have a good time. Still, the Mexican families I've worked with really know how to party. I want to know how to book events with them. I want to be able to confidently book a quinceros. It's like a wedding without the stressed out bride. That sounds like heaven to me. Not just the big parties, but Mexican families seem to go out for all the parties. I always have a good time and I want to work more in that market. So now I have to make another attempt at getting my 41 year old brain to absorb Spanish that is beyond the Sesame Street level.

Do you want some really non pc posting? I can tell you what sex/race make the best tippers or the worst tippers. Best? Black men. Worst? Wealthy white women. Except when they are in front of their friends, then they are pretty good tippers. As a rule working class folk tip more than well off people - until you get to the insanely rich and they tip very very well. Men seem to tip higher than women and are usually less demanding to work for.

Dante Hall holds the record for our best tipper ever. I challenge any of the current players to try and top him. (please, pretty please. you'll be my favorite player ever. lol)

Why the focus on tips - lots of times we are working just for tips. The restaurant isn't paying us and when people don't tip (ahem Oak Park mall people) I am basically paying out of my pocket to entertain their kids. I actually don't usually complain. I've been broke too and when someone wants a balloon but is low on cash I just tell them to tip the next person they see twice. It all comes back to me in the end, someone else will come along and tip a fortune for something simple. (except at the Oak Park TGIF where people didn't seem to believe in tips) Sometimes seeing a person smile is all the payment I need.

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