Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things I am making

I have a 3 project limit for any given time. I love to try new things and will get distracted before I finish something. The 3 projects I currently have on the needles are

1. a sock - might be a pair, depends on how this looks Just a basic sock - no pattern or anything, but the yarn is cool and it stripes as I work.

2. a crochet market bag. I have several of these and I like them. All cotton and I make them big enough to actually hold stuff. The bottom is single crochet and the sides are a combination of single and double.

3. a to-be-felted purse. This is the indigo blue one. I think I have just enough yarn to make it the way I want. I have to make the flowers for it still, but so far the purse is coming out nicely.

Those are for me. I have other on going things that I do for sale.

Buttons - 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 2 1/4 inch. Not just buttons, but mirrors and key chains as well. I do regular ones, but the ones I like best are made from recycled mylar balloons.

project bags, cell phone bags and other little fabric bags

yo-yos. fast to make and people buy them for their own quit or craft projects. I can understand. I started to make a yo-yo quilt once. About 100 yo-yos into it I got bored and never finished. Buy getting them from me, people save a step and hopefully finish before boredom sets in.

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