Monday, August 4, 2008

Kansas City is prepared to sacrifice

Westport and other areas in town to the Cordish Empire's goals. It's not just that KC isn't promoting Westport, it's that they appear to be actively seeking to destroy other entertainment areas. Drunks puke and piss on the street every night in the P&L. they stumble out barely able to walk under their own power, but do you ever see a police check point there? Nope, and you won't. Can't give the impression that everything isn't perfect.

Want to go to Westport? Even if the traffic is slow there will be a drunk check. You won't see the puking and pissing, but you will see cops making sure everyone knows they are on the wrong streets. Want to drink and drive then get your ass over to P&L. I don't condone drinking and driving - my father was killed by a drunk driver when I was 5. What I am saying is that the cops and KC don't give a rat's ass about drinking and driving if you do it in the all mighty Power & Light.

Lots of cops paid for by tax dollars patrolling the areas around the Cordish Empire. Westport begs for any to help with people loitering and causing trouble. I don't think Waldo and Brookside fare much better. Kansas City is too busy kissing the ass of Cordish executives to give a damn about the rest of the city.

18th & vine could be something cool. It could be an international tourist attraction, but not if the city doesn't stand behind it. I'm not asking for tons of money, I'm asking that they MENTION THAT IT EXISTS. I have checked several maps and tourist flyers at rest stops on my back to KC from out of town. You won't see mention of the jazz district or the museum. Lots of stuff on there, but not one of the things that makes the city truly unique. Power and Light looks almost exactly like most of the things Cordish builds. There is no Kansas City flavor to it.

Shop local, dine local, drink local. Quit sending our money out of state just because the city loves a company from Maryland.

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