Friday, August 8, 2008

Something isn't right

I live in Grandview somewhere on 150th terrace. Remember that because one day in the future you will see 150th terrace on the news. It won't be my house, but one up the street. Why? Because something isn't right up there. It's not wrong enough that I can call the cops, but something just isn't right.

The situation I'm talking about involves a man over 50 who is a bit of redneck. Loud country music, working on cars in the driveway etc. It also involves at least 2 young african-american teenage boys. I know one is 17 and I'm guessing the other is about the same age. I don't know what's going on, but for the past several months the teens have been spending a LOT of time with the redneck. I've known the 17 year old for 10 years and he is not the country music type, nor has he ever shown interest in spending time with adults not related to him. More often than not if I see this man out he has one of the teens in his car. They hang out in his yard and go on walks with him throughout the neighborhood. Last week a few more teens (both sexes, various races) started hanging out there too.

If the 50 year old was the kind of guy who spent his time helping the community I would be a lot less suspicious. However, so far I've only seen him helping himself to beer. He doesn't seem to work right now and is always hanging out with kids. I have teenagers and I can't imagine them wanting to hang out with a middle aged man. I think most teens wouldn't find that to be a normal activity. UNLESS something else is going on. Drugs, alcohol, sex - something is going on up there and one day you will see it on the news.

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