Saturday, August 16, 2008

Knits and stuff

I love to knit and crochet. Right now I am working on a purse in a deep blue that I will felt. I have searched for this color for quite a while. A while back I had some mohair/alpaca blend in this color that I started a purse in. I was 3 inches away from finishing it when the puppy ate it. I loved that color and have looked for another yarn with it for awhile. Today at MisKnits I found it. It's a Lamb's Pride bulky that I just love.

I'm thinking of going back to MisKnits on Wednesday. They have unfinished project night then. I always have at least 2 unfinished projects at any given time. Like lot of creative people I can get bored working on the same project all the time. I tend to make a lot of sock. Not socks, just sock. Well, I guess it is socks, but not pairs of socks. Just one sock at a time. Cute socks and thankfully I never care if my socks match.

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