Thursday, February 12, 2009

Contrast to those Missouri Scumbags

Unlike the wife who let her husband rape their daughter and helped deliver the babies - this wife turned her husband in when she suspected her husband was involved in the rape of a child.

But detectives said it ultimately was Hernandez Monzalvo's wife, Eustolea Ortega, that tipped off investigators. She called them and asked to come to the home on Citadel Drive where both men live because she suspected Morales was involved.

"I think about that girl. This is terrible. You can do whatever you want, but no, not to..." an emotional Ortega told WFTV Thursday morning, struggling to find the English words to describe exactly how she felt 

"The female who was at the house was fully cooperative in the investigation, she was disgusted at the events that took place to this child and wanted everyone at the house to give DNA," said Mankewich.

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