Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can see the heartbreak coming and I can't do anything about it

Today is one of those times when it sucks to be a parent.

My daughter and her boyfriend are breaking up. Only they don't know it yet. I can't tell her because she wouldn't listen and there's no real point in telling her anyway.

They've been living together and the lease is up. They had planned to move into a new place but money is becoming an issue with her job ending in March and him in danger of losing his. Last night she told him that she wants to move in with a friend, but doesn't want to break up with him. He agreed that living apart was probably a good idea right now since they are pretty young. (something I said when they moved in together, but that goes back to the not listening thing) he doesn't want to break up either. Yet they will.

It's not the young part that made living together so hard. It's the difference in who they are and what they want part. I know that the more time that they spend apart the more they will see that they may love each other, but love may not be enough to overcome the differences. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I just dread the phone call where she tells me that they are no more. When she hurts I hurt. I can't do anything constructive to help her avoid this hurt. It's part of growing up. Just like being a parent is letting them get hurt even when you know you will cry too.

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