Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trying to do the right thing doesn't always work

I posted before about my friend that got laid off.  I was talking to his wife and got this horror story.

They don't qualify for food stamps because they show as having an income since he worked last month.  He worked last month but DOESN'T HAVE A JOB NOW.  The caseworker said that since they have an income she has 30 days to evaluate their case.  They do not qualify for emergency food stamps and they don't have any money.  The spent the last paycheck - a bit over 200 on utilities and the one before that went to the mortgage and food.  They've never been rolling in the dough.  Now they won't get food stamps for at least 30 days and then it will be based on their 'income'.  They'll have to appeal the amount and get it reevaluated.  Because he chose to work for a living instead of living off of welfare.

The woman that lives across the street from them lives off welfare.  Has the entire time I've known her.  She gets section 8 housing.  A big 4 bedroom house for her and her over 20 daughter.  She get s welfare and food stamps and DOES NOT WORK.  By not  working she gets everything.  My friend worked and he got crap.



Hyperblogal said...

Suggest they check out Harvesters to tied them over 'til job or regular aid comes through. They are at a disadvantage because they have been playing by the rules and not gaming the system. Have him check with the Missouri Department of Transportation... a lot of the stimulus money is going for infrastructure so MODOT or one of their contractors may be hiring.

Stacey K said...

great suggestions! I will pass them along. Thanks!!