Sunday, February 22, 2009

Need a welder?

Just found out that a good friend of mine has been layed off.  He's a welder, but willing to do pretty much anything.  With 3 kids they were living pretty close to the edge anyway, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he won't be out of work for long.  I know so many people are looking, so it's rough.  If you have any leads send them my way.  I'll pass them along.


Anonymous said...

I am looking for a welder to help me fo a small job at my house, which is Harrow, Middlesex. I need some balustrades welded to a beam. Would he be availale quickly? Please let me know on :

Welder blog said...

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Anonymous said...

we need a part time welder where in wandsworth.what area does your friend live.our number is 0203 556 9939.thank you