Saturday, December 27, 2008

ARRRGGGHHH - he took it again!!

There is a trash can near my shop that Westport cid put there.  Mark (works for Californo's, filling in for his brother Mike) took it yesterday.  I wasn't positive that the can didn't belong to Californo's, so I just asked maint.  about it.  They were super nice and brought me a new one.

Mark took that one too.

I saw him doing it, asked him not to, told him that the maintenance guy had brought it up there.  Don't worry he says, he's just going to empty it.  Now I have no trash can once again.  I don't have lots and lots of trash, but I liked not having to walk downstairs in the cold to get rid of it.  Now I have to chase Mark down and ask for my trash can back.

I'm going to buy my own trash can, paint it pink and write "MARK LEAVE THIS ONE ALONE"  on it in yellow letters with blue trim.  Maybe he'll get the hint then.

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Stacey K said...

Ok, he brought it back. No need to paint a trash can now.