Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pitch plog

The pitch included some stuff from Dan in an article about the P&L.  They didn't include a picture from Dan.  For the record that is not a balloon made by anyone at Oh Wow!!.  Not that it isn't a fine balloon, it's not bad at all.  We just didn't make it. 

This is important because the balloon community is a lot like high school.  If the artist who did make this balloon ever discovers it online and associated with Dan's name there is going to bea LOT of whining, complaining and badmouthing.  I can expect to get snotty emails from people who don't appreciate our taking credit for someone else's work and some people will snub me at the next convention.

I've written the reporter and asked him to have it changed.  I have several thousand photographs online that they can choose from.  I even sent him the one at the top of this post if they want to use it.  Keep your fingers crossed that they choose to change it before some other artist notices.

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