Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Stuff

This week Dan Smith brought in some of his very cool photographic work.  There are two that I am coveting.  If they don't sell by the next time I have free cash, they will be mine.  One is of the sign at the Blue Room, the other is of some very colorful chairs.  He doesn't have a website or I would link to it, so you'll have to come by and see what I'm talking about.  His work can also be found at Gifted Hands in Crown Center.

I also got some great stuff in from Shalana at  The Funky Felter  Two of the pendents have already sold, and her stuff has only been here a couple of hours.  She brought me some pendents and some brooches.  The brooches would also be good on hats.  I will take a picture of what I mean and add to this post later. 

Lastly I got a visit from Genea at Gena Beads  She and her husband Ricky came by and are really fun people.  She won't have anything ready for sale here until January, but it is so worth the wait.  Her stuff kicks ass.  Buy some from her etsy shop for Christmas, and them come over here and get a second piece for Valentine's day.  One just isn't enough.  Her mom is also a talented jewelry artist.  I'm coveting a pair of the earrings she makes.  her etsy is Goddess Revealed    I want the falling leaves earrings.

Meg Carpenter and Leesa (who's last name I keep forgetting, but I know she grew up in North Dakota and her sister just moved her from Arizona)  should be bringing stuff by soon.  Neither has an etsy or blog for me to share with you, so you'll just have to wait and wonder.

Oh, there is one more etsy I can share.  Lauren Alexander.  She said she probably won't have anything until January too.  The holiday shopping has cleaned out a lot of her inventory, but I can wait, I love her stuff.  I am some owl prints for my daughter.  She never reads my blog, so I can write about it all I want and she will still be surprised.   Check out Lauren's other blogs too, some of her photography is very interesting.

The people behind the art are as important to me as what they make.  I've been pretty careful about whom I ask and I am happy that I've done so.  I like all the artists, and it's so much more fun to work with people you like.  Besides why be the boss if you can't make the rules?  Rule #1 - I don't work with anyone I don't like.  

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