Monday, December 15, 2008

More pictures

First the most important pictures.  Yesterday I was in Larence at a Flea Market on Massachusetts ST.  My 15 year old son was in charge of the store for the day and he did a great job.  To my total amazement he mopped the floor.  The just to really blow me away he built a dress.    A good dress.  Here's a closeup

The flea market was great.  Why doesn't KC have something like Mass. St.???  We have cute shopping areas, but not a long area that has a good mix of local and national stores.  And to be honest a lot of the cute shopping areas carry all the same stuff.  There was so much variety to be found.  I am envious.  Instead of P&L it might have been nice for KCMO to strive for something like that sort of shopping.  Invite big names in, but subsidize local operations while they get started.  Probably would have been cheaper and a lot less controversial.

I found a new consigner while I was there.  They make THESE.

I LOVE these. I did tell the women who make them to bump up their prices a bit though. They were way underselling themselves. Not that I don't love a bargin, but I don't want my supplier to go out of business! Prices are still reasonable, just not dirt cheap anymore.

Now just for a few shots from the shop. Shalana brought in some brooches that I thought looked good on hats, so I displayed some that way. Dan Smith's pictures look better in person than they do in my picture of them. The chairs and blue room sign are my favorites.

Finally, I've been making/selling reusable shopping bags for some time. Now I've added reusable swiffer pads. They hold up well and you can toss them in the wash.


May said...

I'm planning on popping in after I get off work this afternoon and checking out your store (finally) and hopefully finding some Xmas gifts!

Stacey K said...

very cool!

Looking forward to meeting you! :-)