Tuesday, December 23, 2008

KCMO School District refuses to guarantee basic supplies


Let's pretend that KCMO promises to make sure students have textbooks. I doubt they will, since they don't do a good job of that now, but let's pretend.  What does the lack of adequate supplies mean for students?

Students may view it as a good thing.  With no copier paper there will be no handouts or homework sheets.  In the entire time Dan has been teaching for KCMO he has been unable to get more than one ream of copy paper per quarter.  1 ream for 100 kids for 6 weeks.  That's already only 5 sheets per kid and he was supposed to make it last 6 weeks.  We've always had to buy more paper out of our own pocket, but this year we have committed to NOT buying supplies that the district should provide.  Granted his classes this year are computerized, so they are less effected by the lack of paper, but what about other classes?  We are not the only ones refusing to take away from our families to make up for the districts lack of interest.

We've bought dry erase markers.  Kids steal these, so when Dan has them he keeps them under lock and key.  No dry erase markers means no notes on the white board.  There is no paper for handouts, so the students better learn how to write while listening.

With no paper and no dry erase markers, tests will be different too.  Or they will be non-existent.  

Folders.  In the past Dan has been instructed to keep a folder or notebook for every student.  The district never provided these folders or notebooks, we always had to buy them.  Not doing that again.  If the district wants them, they will buy them.

pencils, pens, erasers, tape, staples - we've gotten all of this with our own money in the past.  Not anymore.

It's like being a house painter with a wall and some paint, but no brushes.

During the semester that Dan subbed in Grandview things were very very different.  Paper was kept in the copy room and you could use what you needed.  You were not allowed to copy personal stuff, but enough was there to make sure you could do your job.  Dry erase markers were issued and so were folders.  I'm pretty sure KCMO spends more per student than Grandview, so why can Grandview do more with less?

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