Monday, December 15, 2008

a scare

I had a scare tonight. My oldest daughter was in a car accident. Her boyfriend was driving when some douche bag ran a stop sign and hit them. Totaled both cars. Susi and Tyler are ok. They were wearing seat belts and the air bags deployed. They still have to go to the hospital because her head hurts a bit, his glasses are broken and his knee is really sore.

I know she's ok, but part of me is still shaken up. Another larger part of me is angry. I like to pretend that I am a civilized person, but on many levels I am not. maybe nobody is. The man in California who forgave the pilot who caused his family's death is a civilized person. I've not evolved to that level yet. I want to grab the woman who ran a stop sign and do very bad things to her. I won't because my kid is ok.

That's something to think about when you're in too much of a hurry to stop. Or you're too important for regular rules and courtesy. When you drive like an ass you could hurt someone. The person you hurt could be loved by someone who isn't as civilized as they would like to be. You could end up in a world of hurt that you didn't plan on, even if you make it out of the accident ok. Even if you don't give a rat's ass about other people, care about your own skin and drive like you want to protect it.


MoxieMamaKC said...

Yikes! I'm glad they are ok! I hate people who can't drive with any intelligence.

May said...

That's horrible! I'm glad everyone's okay. One of my friends' dad was just killed in an accident last week.

I hate that people seem to think they are in a completely different world where everyone else doesn't exist when they drive. It's not good for anyone.