Monday, December 8, 2008

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Until someone cares or the situation is fixed.

This is from  it is the status on negotiations about the contract - or lack of it.  Highlighting is my doing.


Listed below are the major items still unresolved in negotiations. After each item is a brief explanation of each item's current status.

Workday Language – We have exchanged proposals, but have not reached an agreement yet.

Classroom Interruptions - The District proposed eliminating language on classroom interruptions, thus there would be no limits on interruptions to classroom time from PA announcements.

Supplies - In the District's last proposal, there were no guarantees to have adequate supplies for your classroom and students.

AFT ER & D Program – In the District's latest proposal, the Union would be forced to compete with other vendors for the right to provide inservice to new teachers on classroom management (and you know how much those outside consultants cost).
Criticisms/Reprimands – The District's proposal eliminates the language that protects employees from public criticisms/reprimands.

Student Discipline - The District wants to eliminate the provision in our contract that gives you the right to send students to the office for discipline and your right to expect a response by the end of the next day.

Transfers - The District wants to transfer employees at will with no criteria and completely wipe out seniority during the transfer process.

Union Access to Members – The District wants to eliminate our right to place literature in the employee mailboxes and our right to a bulletin board at each school/worksite.

Extra-Curricular Duties (including athletic coaching) -- We have agreed upon a fair hiring process, but the district wants to eliminate just cause from the termination process for athletic coaches.

Grievance Procedure – We are very close on this one.

Librarian Work Year - The District wants to strike the language that guarantees librarians would work at their own school sites during their five extra days.

Financial Package (Steps, salary increases, longevity pay, extra-pay assignment schedule, pay for substituting) – No offers of any kind from the District are on the table.

Management Rights – The District wants a management rights in our contract.


Email the kcmo school district and demand that they stop screwing around and take care of the kids by providing a reasonable contract for the teachers.  Teachers can't teach without supplies.

So far they have not gotten their annual pay increases and have no guarantee that they will EVER get a pay increase.  The good teachers have already started to secure jobs in other districts. 

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