Saturday, December 27, 2008

So now what

Ok, I'm greedy.  I got a toy store, but I want more.  The store that used to be the Imagery is huge, but they are going to divide it into two stores.  One will be approximately 1/3 and the other will of course be 2/3 the size it is now.  

So what would be cool?  Westport needs more clothing stores, but not regular ones.  I think it would be great to get clothes store in, but even better to get a designer co-op.  Two ways that would work.  First several small designers/students could work together and open a place.  Another way is for one person to open it and rent racks to the designers.  They do this a lot with crafts, but I have not seen it with clothes.  Seems like a great way for new designers to get some exposure when they are not quite ready to open their own shop.

A baby/child consignment store would be good too.  Something like Children's orchard.   

I have my eye on the spot that used to be reading reptile.  When I have enough $$ in place I want to open an "art playground".  The name isn't worked out yet.  A place for people to come and  create.  Like a gym, only you work your creative mind, not your body.  People can rent a locker to keep their projects in and use the facilities to make stuff that they can't or don't want to do at home.  I know that when I try to make gifts for family it's hard to keep them secret.  I actually came up with the idea one day when I got sick of pulling dog hair out of a knitted project.  (I don't knit at home not that I have the shop).  Anyhow, it's an idea only at this point.  I'm sure insurance will be through the roof, but I have faith.  Eventually it will all work out.

For the little restaurant I want either an Italian place or a boutique bakery.  Something like Baby Cakes in the market area.   

If anyone has any outside the norm ideas for places that should open in Westport, send them on.  I would love to hear them.

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