Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Now that we have the space I am going to be adding gifts to the store. I've also decided to drop the Balloon Boutique part and just go with Oh Wow!!.

Why? Because for years we have wanted to have a store where we sold the stuff that makes us go "Oh Wow!!". We still don't have tons of space, but we're going to fill what we have with really cool balloons and gift items that are unique, fun and make us say "Oh Wow!".

I've started the gift area with things that I have made. Hats, scarves (on sale, 15% off this month) a few bit of jewelry and the things I'm most proud of, fantasy flowers. Those are flower sculptures made from uninflated balloons over wire. They make great balloon weights. Flowers don't last, most balloons don't last, but combine the two and you have a fantasy flower that WILL last.

I will have the work of local artists for sale. LOCAL artists. I have to be able to meet with the person face to face. I know that leaves out a lot of really cool people, but there are so many talented people right here in KC. One exception to the KC part. A woman from Iowa that is still close enough to meet with. If we can work it out she does AMAZING quilled jewelry.

Our main focus is still balloons. Did I mention that they were REALLY COOL balloons? Dan's current balloon dress is still on display, but probably not for much longer. Tomorrow is new display day. Something cool will be replacing it.

Come by to see it!

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