Friday, December 12, 2008

Space Open

Sage & Daisy decided to move to a bigger location on 39th street, so if anyone is interested in a space in Westport there will be a cool spot open on Jan. 1.  Lots of window space, it's where the Re-runs was before they moved to Broadway.  There are two other giant spaces open in the horseshoe, but they are HUGE and expensive.  This space is 500sq or so and pretty reasonable.  

Just putting it out there because I would love to see something cool move in.  A toy store would be nice.  Surely someone out there has always wanted to open a toy store.  Someone besides me anyway.  Or a pet store, that would be cool too, but there are already two of those close by.  People are always asking about clothing stores too, but those seem kinda hard to run.  At  least by the number of non chain ones that go under.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a toy store.  Get set up in February so you're ready to go when Murray's reopens in March.  Just something to think about.

Of course with Murray's AND a toy store I might stay broke all the time.  Just no fabric or yarn stores.  That would send me into bankruptcy.  :-)

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