Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Know what I have?

A clear sidewalk in front of my shop.  First the Westport people cleared it 3 times yesterday (and salted) then in between Terry cleared it too.  He owns Californo's and is a really nice guy.  

Parking lot is clear too.  Can't say the same for the streets in Westport, so it may be my Landlord's doing rather than CID.  

Last night was CRAZY.  Two questions

1.  Do  most people not remember that it snows EVERY STINKING YEAR?  They must not because driving in it was new to them.  People were either going 5 or 75, not a lot of in between speeds. 

2.  Do the powers that be not realize that if you put sand down on the road it will make the streets safer to drive on?  The ice was/is bad on lots of KC streets.  Yesterday I was in two counties and 3 cities.  KC was the worst, though Belton gave a good effort to be worst.  71 in Jackson county was only so-so, 71 in Cass county was great.  Grandview did it's usual half assed effort but managed to land as the best.  That's really not saying much, trust me.  I live on a steep hill and had to leave the neighborhood and come in on a different street so that I could go down the hill 'cause my car wasn't going up that thing.  Ok, so my one street was bad, at least the snow routes were clear, right?  WRONG.  To leave the neighborhood I took a snow route and it was slick, barely plowed and no sand in sight.  Like I said, half assed effort.  Normal in Grandview.

I am so happy to see the sun!  Maybe the rest of this will  melt.

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