Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Middle of the week for most people, but actual days off are rare for me, so it could be any point in the week for me. Today it's my Monday. The snow forced me into a day off yesterday. Almost ended up with another one today thanks to Grandview's odd version of roadway snow removal.

They finally plowed my street at 8:30 last night. My hill was bad enough that the snow plow had a hard time going up it. I live on a pretty steep hill. By 8:30 enough cars had gone down it to pack the snow into ice. Part of me enjoyed watching the plow truck struggle. At least I did until I got out this morning and realized that they had put zero sand/salt on the street. They just almost plowed it. They had the plow raised high enough that there was only a tiny amount of snow built up on the sides. Grandview sucks at this was my main thought.

Then I got to KCMO. Grandview may suck, but not compared to KCMO. 71 was ok. MDOT did their job. Looking off on the side streets I can not figure out how people are going to get to work, much less how school buses are going to get up and down the hills there. I didn't see any evidence of plowing or sand/salt. Just snow and ice. They are still having school, and I fear for the kids who are on the school buses.

That goes for my son Teddy too. He has to go to school today. Grandview isn't as bad as KCMO, but the streets are still not good. I would keep Teddy home but that would result in him flunking 4 classes. In Grandview if you are absent more than 4 days a semester you have to go to school on Saturday to make it up. The school wants their $$ for attendance. It doesn't matter if you have all A'a despite the absences, you will still get an F in classes you have missed more than 4 times. Teddy was sick this fall and missed several days of school. He made up his missed time in Saturday school, but there are no more of those left this year, so he has to go. Otherwise I would keep him home.

The cities have only a short while to get the streets cleared. The weather people are predicting freezing rain for Thursday. That sucks enough all on it's own, put it on top of the mess they have now and it's going to suck way worse.

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