Friday, December 12, 2008


Another missing child that haunts my thoughts - Kara Kopetsky.  I first heard about Kara's disappearance from my daughter, 3 or 4 days after it happened.  The kids on myspace were getting the word out, long before Belton police gave a rats ass about her. A month later the rest of Kansas City heard her name.   She wasn't pretty or popular enough for the media to care, so it wasn't until another teen went missing that her name got attention.

yeah, she was troubled in that moody, emo sort of way - but that doesn't make her a throwaway person.  She was a smoker and she left home without cigarettes.  As the child of life long smokers I knew immediately that something wasn't right.  She was a teenager who didn't take her ipod.  She didn't run away, but until Kelsey Smith vanished the Belton police department couldn't' be motivated to give a damn.  

Personally, without any evidence to back me up what so ever, I think Edwin Hall did it.  I think that if Belton cops had gotten off their donut stuffed rear ends, maybe Kelsey would still be here.  Maybe not, but I've been pissed at BPD for 18 months on this, so I like to hold them accountable.  

My heart goes out to Kara's parents and I get a little sadder every time I see one of those purple signs.  I hope eventually they get peace, closure and justice.  A large part of me hopes I am wrong and she did run away and will one day call home.  

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