Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dog-Eating Crocodile

I've lived in several parts of Florida, Mississippi and Georgia and they all had alligators.  Gators will eat dogs.  Gators LOVE dogs.  Bring a small dog to a pond full of gators and you will see a bunch of eyes sliding across the top of the water to your side of the bank.

Some people never learn this.  I would see people letting poodles romp around by the bank.  Even worse I would see people letting small children throw bread to the alligators.  They don't eat bread, but a small child would fit the bill nicely.  

In Mississippi there was a 70lb lab taken by an alligator in one of the bayous.  My kids and pets never got to play outside alone since we lived on a different bayou.  The only gator in the water by our house was small, but others could join him at any time.  

Man vs nature.  Nature always looses.  The croc in the story will end up in a zoo and people will continue to be stupid blaming the reptiles for doing what they do.  Here's an idea...IF YOU WANT TO LIVE AROUND ALLIGATORS, DON'T LET YOUR PETS OUT ALONE.  A lot less dogs would be eaten and a lot less gators would be harmed by vengeful people.

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