Monday, December 22, 2008

I am 42

Sometime yesterday morning I completed my 42nd year of life.  

I spent about 10 min being retrospective and thinking about my life.  That made my brain hurt, so I decided not to bother with it.  

A friend of mine is big into lists and constantly forwards them to me.  I'm supposed to change her answers to mind and send them back.  I never do.

Now to tie the three previous thought together.

I make new year resolutions on my birthday. 

I did about half of my list from last year.  It's on the side bar, I'll update it later.

Here's my new list.

To do 1095 nice things for people.  1 for a friend, 1 for a family member and 1 for a stranger - every day.

To teach Bessie to knit.

To paint the inside of my house.  

For the store to be supporting itself and hopefully us.

To learn how to do 12 new things.  One every month.

Filling in some of my friends lists will go towards the 1095.  They make her happy and really don't take much time out of my day.  I probably should have been doing them all along.

The birthday was yesterday, the party is in February or March.  You're probably invited.

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