Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Picked up Bessie's cookies last night.  I brought them to the shop to sort because I live with teenage boys and they will eat them.  I don't want to buy $400 worth of cookies, so only those I planned to buy will ever make it home.  

I did order a few extra, so if you crave some thin mints - stop by the shop.

I noticed that other areas of the country don't have the same cookies we do.  Some places have cinnamon ones.  I want those.  And Lemon pastries are gone - some sort of other lemon cookie has taken their place.  Haven't tried it yet, so I can't say if it's good or bad.

Bessie loves scouts and it makes me feel a bit jealous that I'm not her leader.  I spent a lot of years as a GS leader, even when my own daughter was too young for it.  I really enjoyed it, but after 10 years I just couldn't take the increasing red tape.  I sometimes worry that Bessie doesn't get the best of me since I am so much busier than I was when the others were little.  I'm trying harder to make sure that she gets more mommy time and Susi is trying to make sure she gets more big sister time.  Bessie is convinced she gets too much big brother time as it is and doesn't want to spend more time with them.   

Have to spend time with her now.  She's 9 and in 2-3 years she will want NOTHING to do with me for a few years.  I need good memories to make it through those puberty years or I won't remember why I had her in the first place.

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