Saturday, January 3, 2009

Psychic weirdness

There is a psychic in Westport.  She is related to the horrible woman who has a shop in Grandview. I don't know if the Westport one is a scam artist like the Grandview one, but she is odd.

In October she bought two benches from me that I had in front of the shop.  Worked out well because I wasn't sure where I was going to store them for the winter anyway.  Today she came back in and just weirded my day out.

First she wanted to buy a little wooden shelf unit I have.  I said no.  She said why and I told her that I needed it.  She then said "For what?"  I said display and didn't comment on her rudeness.  Then she proceded to go around the shop and ask if she could buy various pieces of display or decor.  Not anything that was actually for sale.   Shelves, mirror, one point she even asked to buy my overhead light fixture.  The whole time she kept asking me if I had anything for sale.  She didn't want the hats, pictures, prints, jewelry, scarves or fantasy flowers...just my store fixtures.  The visit ended when she asked how things were going business wise and I told her that things were going great.  She looked shocked.  Not regular shocked.  Over acted, dramatic shocked.    

Odd odd odd.

maybe she put a curse on me and is upset that it hasn't worked yet.  Maybe the Grandview psychic did (with reason, I hate that scamming harpy)

anyway, it was weird

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Laura said...

Next time she comes in you should ask her if her purse or shoes are for sale.