Friday, January 30, 2009

Survival instincts

Some people are natural survivors, some are doomed for extinction, at least figuratively.  Of my children only one seems to be a natural survivor.  That's my younger son.  All of my kids are smart, but he's the one that's aware.  I think sometimes that's more important than super smart.  If there was a survivable disaster or accident he's the kid that would make it out.  My daughters would likely freeze and my other son might not even be aware that the disaster was in progress until it was too late.  This type of thing does affect every day life in our house too.

The other day I came home and had to pee.  REALLY had to pee.  The OMG I hope I make it to the bathroom kind of had to pee.  I rushed to the bathroom and pulled my pants down and too late realized that there was dog pee all over the bathroom floor.  We have a great dane, it's not small puddle.  my pants cuffs are now soaked and I am more than a little upset.  There had been 4 people home with the dog.  1 is too small to walk her, but that leaves the 3 males in the house.  I head out to the living room and start having a melt down (did I mention that this was right before my period)  Here are the reactions I got

Dan - Didn't look up from the computer - I didn't want the dog anyway. 
Teddy - Didn't look up from the television - You could have called me and told me to walk her.
Tommy - Stood up and walked in my direction - I'm sorry, do you want me to walk her or clean up the pee first.

Guess which two got the rest of my wrath.  Like I said, survival instincts. 

Tommy does do a lot of stupid things, I won't deny that.  Still, there's hope that one day when he's grown up and married his wife won't beat him to death over them.  

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