Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why do I have sole custody of the family's brain?

Ok, that's not totally fair.  Susi has a brain, she just took it with her when she moved out.  Mostly I'm talking about Dan & Teddy today. 

Dan has a degree in physics and takes advanced calculus courses for fun.  Teddy is literally smarter than all of his teachers.  Given that they are both supposedly very smart people who are they so freaking stupid???????

Teddy has a concert today and it only occurred to him to find out what time it starts this morning. That's also when it occurred to him that he should see if his tux needed to be ironed.  This was 15 min before we had to leave to get him to district practice.  

 Dan just left to copy some tri-fold brochures for the shop. He's called twice so far.  1st time was to ask if they needed to be stapled.  I told him, no it would work better double sided.  The second call was to see if I wanted the tops going the same direction.  He said that if I folded it in half I might want the tops going different directions.  

That's just today before noon.  They've been on a stupid rampage for the past two weeks.  It's little common sense things that most people would never imagine having to be told and it's a constant stream of them.  

Telling me the light burned out, but not replacing the bulb.  Getting the computer, but not the power cords - even though we ALWAYS take the power cords to the shop..... and so it goes.  I've gotten a blister on my lip from biting it to keep from cussing.   If I was a drinking person I would be drunk all the time lately.   

Thankfully I don't drink and tomorrow I don't work.  I am going to sleep and make stuff.  Dan and Teddy are on their own.

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