Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not dead either

Gabriel - White boy east of troost - called his post WBEOT is not dead, because he hadn't posted since the weekend.d  I haven't either, so my post is not dead either.  I've been under the weather.  You know the kind, where you are not sick enough to say you are sick, but you just feel bleah..  that kind.

Got some sleep and am on the way back to normal.  Couldn't happen fast enough.  Too much to do this time of year to be sick.

I'll make another post with pictures to show you all the cool stuff I have now at the store, but this post is going to be a complaint.  Not about anything done to me, but about the unfairness of the KCMO school district to the students who need the most support.

It's a small thing in the grand scheme of things the district does wrong, but still, it's just not fair.  What is "it"?  Tickets to the inauguration last week.  The district picked 5 high school kids and paid for them to go.  5 children - all from the same school.  Lincoln.  Not one from each school.  No contest or essay to get the tickets.  Just 5 from the only school in the district that they care about.  There are good kids at all of the schools.  No, they either didn't pass or didn't take the test to get into Lincoln, but that does not make them bad kids.  Kids from Central have gone on to be in the Olympics and go to Harvard.  I'm sure it's not the only HS in the district that can make that claim.  Obviously Li colon isn't the only school that can claim to have kids who deserved to see the inauguration in person.  So why are the only kids who went from there? 


Hyperblogal said...

I agree. Open the opportunity to the whole district. Restrict it to a grade level if you wish... but hold an essay contest to at least make it based on desire and skill.

MoxieMamaKC said...

I've been sick too this week. The boat we're in sucks! I can't believe that only 5 tickets for the whole district! That's insane. Plus, it should have been an essay contest or something. That's a shame and it seems like playing favorites. I'd say I'm surprised by the KCMOSD, but really, I'm not...