Monday, January 12, 2009

two decades

My oldest daughter turns 20 in May.  I've decided to give her 20 items that symbolize her two decades of life.  

1.  Petrie puppet from Pizza hut.  We had one when she was a baby and she LOVED it.  Thought this one would be hard, but I found one on ebay.
2.  Stuffed California Raisin toy.  She drug this toy everywhere.  I called it Ugmo because it was pretty ugly.  I've seen one on ebay, hopefully I'll win the auction.
3.  something little mermaid.  She watched the vhs tape about a zillion times that year.
4.  Levar Burton's autograph.  She had the biggest little girl crush on him.  Reading Rainbow was her favorite.
5.  Scissors.  She cut her own hair a few days before kindergarten started.
6.  Bambi dvd.  She watched Bambi and asked about the hunting.  Upon realizing where meat came from she has never eaten it again.
7.  Something girl scouts.  She started in Brownies this year.
8.  A white stuffed bear.  Her 3rd grade 'boyfriend' was named Travis and she named her bear after him.
9.  Hanson CD. 
10. Big Sister T-Shirt.  That's the year when her little sister was born.   Although she had already been a big sister to the boys, it was more special to have a little sister.
11.  Clarinet pin or poster.
12.   Lance  Bass autograph or at the very least an N'Sync cd. 
13.  something from hot topic - but I really really need the bag.  This is the  year she got dark and moody.  She dressed like a depressed clown.
14.  Good Charlotte cd.
15.  pink fishnet & cat ears
16.  Tutu - she wore one to school one more than one occasion
17.  history book.  She spent time thinking she wanted to teach history.
18.  UMKC t-shirt
19.  Theatre masks
20.  The klutz book of never growing up.  She's complained a lot lately about having to act like a 'real' grownup.

if you see any of these things out and about, shoot me an email and let me know.  finished items are in orange. 


Sylvia C. said...

What a lovely tribute you are putting together. She will LOVE it! I am sure!


Sylvia C.

MoxieMamaKC said...

What a very cool idea! Update us on how it goes (in May).