Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am not buying the whole profile.  

Hue are You?
You're a Consultant! The journey to discover your inner self has you reminiscing over your past experiences. You are not afraid to contemplate what did not work and to seek new answers. Evaluating the past helps you better understand what will be of value to you in the future.... 
I don't reminice very often.  the past is the past.  Sometimes I fucked up, sometimes I did good.  Mostly I'm too busy to think about it.

Your emotions make you feel powerful. Regardless of the distractions in life, you see...
ok, I can see that 


You have great concern for others, but sometimes you hide your feelings about people from yourself. You have strong analytical skills and...
I don't hide feelings from myself.  I pretty much don't have the ability to lie to myself, even when I want to believe the lie with my whole heart.  Not that I don't do bad stuff, I just don't lie about why I am doing it.  I do frequently hide my feelings from other people..   

You are a perfectionist. More importantly, you know how to...
I am obsessive and good at what I do, but in no part of my life am I a perfectionist.

Taking On the World
Sometimes you have so much self-confidence you feel you can save the world. You love initiating new...
no, the world is pretty much on it's own.  I can help make my little part in it better, but save the world?  

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