Thursday, January 8, 2009

This one reeks of bullshit

I've seen a few reports on the effects of the smoking ban these past few days.  Today a dj on 106.5 was talking about it (whatever the morning guys name is) and I have to call bs on what he was saying.

Since the smoking ban went into effect the heart attack rate in KC has dropped 20%.    The dj was saying the two are linked.  BS.  The people who smoke in night clubs are generally not of the age where heart attacks are common.  People didn't quit smoking when they were told they couldn't smoke in bars and restaurants.  So for 6-12 hours a week they smoke less.    Heart attacks in KC may indeed be down, but I think there may be other factors at work.  

My personal theory is that our wretched system of health care for the poor has finally killed off most of the really sick people and the rest can afford health care so they die less often.

I don't smoke.  I think it's a putrid habit.  It's also a LEGAL habit.  If you don't want people to smoke make cigarettes an illegal substance.  Until then regulation after regulation to make it difficult is infringing on smokers rights to be dumbasses.  If you want to really save lives in this town make it illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving.  The whole banning cigarettes in night clubs thing never made sense to me.    No smoking, but all the drunkenness and stds you could ever want.  People who party in the clubs are old enough to decide if they want to risk their lungs too.  We don't need the government to protect us from every bump in the road.  Personal responsibility goes a long way.

And there are ways around that ban
The lady in the picture is smoking an electric cigarette.  All of the nicotine and taste (bleah) with water vapor given off instead of smoke.  The tip even glows.  I don't think they can ban water vapor.

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