Monday, January 19, 2009

so maybe Tony was right

In about a zillion posts Tony of Tony's Kansas City has told us that the red light cameras are simply a way to increase revenue not safety.  After my experience today - I have to say that he's right.  

At 39th and Southwest Twfy I was stopped by the red light.  I didn't notice the yellow light being short, but I'll get to all of that in a second.  Let me start by saying how freaking annoying the bright flashes are when the camera goes off.  Startled me, I was looking around for the aliens who were there to abduct us all.  Do they really need that flash.  Maybe at night - when I'm sure it's going to be even more startling, but this was early afternoon.

Now to the yellow light part.  I didn't notice because I knew I wouldn't be making that light.  Some poor sap was stuck in the middle trying to turn left.  They had to go on red.  Did they get a ticket?  Should the city be giving tickets to people stuck turning left at intersections where they city refuses to put a turn light in?  39th and Main, 39th and Broadway - how many people will get tickets there just because the city won't put in turn arrows?  Doesn't seem fair at all to me.

Gotta go with Tony on this one, smells like $$ over safety to me.

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