Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Valentine Foils have arrived

I got my valentine balloons in.  I looked for a pug one but the closest I could find is a Boston Terrier.  I know a lot of people who like pugs.

I think I have a pretty good selection - things you won't see at Sunfresh.  I'll post them all to the website this week.

don't forget that during the weeks after Valentine's you can bring your old balloons in (even if they didn't come from us) and save $$ on a purchase.  I'm starting a recycling card, in case you don't want to use your savings that day.  The new purchase can be anything in the store, not just balloons.  Even if you don't feel like coming down here to recycle them, do something with them.  Balloons are cool, but not when they are cluttering up the environment.  It's shiny stuff - you can find something to do with shiny stuff!

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