Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Important things I have learned from being a balloon artist

1.  If your socks don't match, nobody cares
2.  that you can put a small amount of water in the end of a twisting balloon and swing it around in circles over your head for cool sound effects.
3.  Really big water balloons are hard to throw at people.
4.  clowns are crabby people when not in make up
5.  some normal looking people are scared of balloons
6.  unlubricated condoms are hard to twist, but worth the results.
7.  making balloons is less about skill than it is about not being afraid to look stupid.
8.  you can knit balloons, but they look like crap when crocheted
9.  people will actually PAY me to do this.
10 - from the boards a few years back..............  if you put a bit of oil on the bottom of a microwave and line seedless grapes up in it (hole where the stem comes off to the back) you can race them by nuking them.  Messy but fun.

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Dawn said...

Oh my gosh. #10 is so random I must try it.