Friday, January 30, 2009

IHOPians in the plog

Justin Kendall talks about the parents being IHOPians.  The comments were kinda interesting.  IHOP scares the shit out of me, especially with them building some new cult center in my hometown.  

IHOP is a cult.  I say this, not because of any problem with organized religion, but because it's members exist to serve IHOP- not the other way around.  It is a new church, a new religion- that's not a reason to dislike them.  The fact that they suck the life and $$ out of their followers is.  How can such a new organization afford so much?  How do they have millions of $$ in property?  The money has to come from somewhere.  

I once overheard a conversation. Half a conversation really, since the guy was on the phone.  He talked about how hard it was to get a job since he had to pray x number of hours a day and spend x number of hours a day at the church.  He talked about how unfair employers were by not working around his schedule.  He talked about how he planned on giving half of his $$ to the church when he got a job.  He ended the conversation with "Thanks for sending me some money Grandma.  God is using you to do good work."    He was wearing an IHOP shirt.   

My thoughts were that he should pray less or on his own time and not mooch off of his grandmother who is probably on a fixed income.  If the church doesn't understand his need to work and feed himself then it's not a very good place to be.

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